New nat'l education report ranks Del. on top for data use

A new report by a non-profit education think-tank shows Delaware is making significant progress when it comes to data use.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

For the first time in the report's nine-year history, two states have met the bar and have all 10 of the Data Quality Campaign's actions to ensure effective data use.

Those states are Delaware and Arkansas. But that doesn't mean Delaware's work is done.

Aimee Guidera is founder and executive director of DQC.

"Doing more to focus on data literacy of educators and of parents and helping people know how to use this information effectively," says Guidera.

She says the rest of the nation should take notice of Delaware's Dashboard, which is a sort of one-stop shopping database of student achievement and needs.

"I think also we'll keep watching Delaware in terms of what they're doing with their portal and the work that they've done in communicating with parents and teachers is noteworthy," Guidera says.

Some teachers worry about how data could be used against them in evaluations, but Guidera says it shouldn't be that way.

"Using it in a way that is building trust in it and building a sense that this is good information for teachers to use if they want to use it rather than using it as a hammer to knock them over the head and shame and embarrass them," she says.

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