Chase Center shooting falsely reported

Wilmington investigators announce a shooting victim falsely reported the incident took place at the Chase Center.

The 33-year-old victim, of Philadelphia, flagged down an officer at 2:39 a.m. November 30th near the intersection of West Fourth and North Van Buren streets. Officers say the victim alleged he was shot at the Chase Center and was searching for a hospital.

City Police say after reviewing surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses, they determined the shooting did not occur where the victim initially said it did.

Corporal Mark Ivey explains why someone would lie about the location of a crime.

"They're perpetrators of violence themselves or are prohibited from possessing handguns, and there's a lot of motivation for people to lie to the police, to try to cover up what was really going on during the incident," Ivey said.

After executing a search warrant, cops say they found $116,000 cash in the victim's vehicle.

"A shooting is not a normal thing. It doesn't happen to everyday people. A shooting generally happens to people who are involved in the criminal world. And people who are involved with guns, money are drugs often become victims of violence," Ivey said.

A Chase Center spokesperson says they are pleased to hear the police department's findings match their own.

Police say charges against the victim for falsely reporting details of the shooting are pending the final results of their investigation.

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