Free ECG screenings for middle and high school students

A man whose daughter nearly died is working to make sure YOUR kids are safe.

WDEL's Mellany Armstrong reports.

Greer Firestone of Wilmington almost lost his teenage athlete daughter Gracie back in June 2011 when her heart stopped. That got him wondering about sudden cardiac arrest in kids.

"There is so little information about sudden cardiac arrest. It is the number one killer of athletes on the playing field in the nation," he said.

Firestone created the non-profit Heart in the Game.

"We now have opened up free ECG screenings for every middle school and high school student in the state," he said.

Sudden cardiac arrest kills about 2,000 children a year in the U.S.

"One out of every 100 children that are screened have some abnormality or cause for concern," Firestone said.

The first free electrocardiogram screening is set for Springer Middle School in North Wilmington January 25th, as well as free CPR and AED training for parents and children.

"With the CPR and the AED, know in a half hour how to save a life, and not be afraid, 'Oh my gosh, somebody went down. How do I do an AED?'" he said.

Firestone hopes to take the program nationwide with the help of sponsors. To sign up and get more information, click here.

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