VIDEO: EdWatch: Del. HS to premiere U.S. debut of Scottish musical

Catch a rare chance to see a renowned Scottish musical on a Delaware stage.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has a preview in this week's WDEL Delaware EducationWatch.

The Wilmington Christian School (WCS) is the only place in the United States you can see the Scottish musical "Sunshine on Leith" on stage.

"It's about Ally and Davy two guys coming home from the Afghan war," said Director Allyson Good.

Good tells WDEL the school and cast were lucky to get the exclusive rights to the show.

"It is not licensed in the United States at all, and it doesn't happen at all," she said, "There's so much red tape between countries when it comes to licensing musicals, plays."

Junior Christina Sanders of Landenberg, plays one of the main characters.

"Oh my gosh, we've been here day and night for like the past month. Like sleep? What is that," she laughs, "We don't know. I'm really nervous, but I'm sure we'll be OK because I don't know, Peter always tells me that we're going to be alright, so he kind of comforts me," she said.

Peter Spangler plays her husband, Rab Henshaw. The two have known each other since they were little, but never really talked before the show. Spangler can't believe they got the special rights for the show.

"It's amazing. When I heard that, I was just blown away; it was so cool," he said.

Students learned a lot about history and the Scottish Leith dialect while practicing more than 100 hours of the show. Good says its a privilege to work with these kids.

"They start to trust the character a little bit more and themselves, and then they gain confidence in their work," she said.

Sanders says she finds her true self on stage as acting helps her heal.

"In life, you can't exactly show everything you want to show, but when you're up there it's totally OK for you to be angry or upset. I don't know, I love it, it's a good release," Sanders said.

Junior Jeremy Gouveia of Elsmere, who plays Davy Henshaw, a character coming home from war, agrees with his fellow cast mates that acting in this show is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"It was definitely a big deal. I was kind of like bragging to everyone I knew," he said.

Senior Daniel Jacobson explains how he gets into the character as someone coming back from war in what will be his first and last appearance on stage.

"It's hard, but I actually did win an Army ROTC scholarship, so I'm going to have to deal with it eventually. But I've just thought about it like coming back from something else or doing something like that, like going away from your family for awhile and coming back. It's not nearly hte same magnitude, but it helps," he explains.

A selling point, some would say, the show features music from a pop rock one-hit wonder...

"It's The Proclaimers!" laughed Good. "It's great music, and my gosh, I don't know when it's going to be available in the United States again. It's not available, so come see it."

The show runs Thursday through Saturday at Wilmington Christian School, located at 825 Loveville Road in Hockessin. All shows start at 7 p.m. and tickets are $12 at the door.

"Oh my gosh, please come! Wear your kilt!" Good exclaimed.

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