New scholarship program lets HS kids take college classes

Governor Markell proposes a plan that is designed to prepare high school students for college.

WDEL's Joe Irizarry has more.

Saying that cost shouldn't be an obstacle for students challenging themselves, Governor Markell outlined a new scholarship program allowing high school students take a college course before graduation.

The dual enrollment courses will allow students to receive credit in high school and college.

"It's great when students challenge themselves while they're in high school with college level classes. It will help prepare them to succeed in college, and it will save them money when they get to college because they'll have additional college credits," said Markell.

State Secretary of Education Mark Murphy says even though the state has introduced the program and partnered up with college's in the state, in the end it's up to the students to do the work.

"It doesn't matter unless all of you take advantage of it. It doesn't matter unless you work hard in ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades, and that you're ready to take one of these classes," said Murphy.

The state will reimburse districts to offer dual enrollment courses in their school or support individual students taking a class at an institute of higher education.

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