County Council approves 24-bed Delaware Hospice center
By Tom Lehman

Updated Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 12:17pm

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County Councilman Tim Sheldon discusses the approval

A plan to construct a Delaware Hospice facility in Pike Creek receives the approval of New Castle County Council.

WDEL's Tom Lehman has more.

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The council's decision allows Delaware Hospice to build a 24-bed care center of nearly 60,000 square feet on Polly Drummond Hill Road. The plan would include language that said the location would not include outpatient services according to Kim Hoffman, an attorney representing Delaware Hospice who spoke at the meeting.

The plan drew concern from some residents who worried the organization may try to relocate its administrative offices into the new location.

County Councilman Tim Sheldon sponsored the resolution and says that shouldn't be an issue because of the land's zoning regulations.

"It's still 'S' zoning. That was the whole problem. It didn't go through a rezoning, which would have been office or commercial with office use," he says.

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He says the zoning wouldn't allow Hospice to use the area for the purposes of billing or other administrative uses.

"'S' zoning says you can put institutional there as long as there's no billing, no offices, that kind of thing. Beds are considered residential," he says.

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The county had previously rejected an 89,000 square foot plan that included office space and has been involved in a legal conflicts with Delaware Hospice over that proposal. Both parties met with the Board of Adjustments and Superior Court, which both sided with the county. Although an appeal had been sent to the State Supreme Court, council's decision means it will be dropped per the terms of an agreement from both sides.

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