I-95 CLOSED at 202 this weekend
By Peter MacArthur

Updated Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 1:35am

A major project happening this weekend will mean a major headache for getting around this weekend as the interstate is closed in both directions at the
I-95/202 interchange.

It started at at 8 pm Friday. In addition, the following ramps are closed; the 95 northbound ramp to 202 north , the entrance from southbound 202 to 95 northbound, also, the ramp from 202 northbound to 95 south and the 95 southbound ramp to 202 south.

Remaining open in the area will be the 95 northbound ramp, Exit 8, to 202 southbound heading into Wilmington. Also, the 95 southbound ramp to 202 northbound and the 202 northbound ramp onto 95 north, and the 202 southbound ramp onto 95 southbound.

Detours are set up in the area. The closures, which were originally scheduled to take place a few weeks back, will be wrapped up by 5 Monday morning.

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