EdWatch: Report: Wilm. Univ. 4th fastest growing school in America
By Amy Cherry

Updated Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 12:41pm

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Amy Cherry takes a look at Wilmington University's growth in this week's WDEL Delaware Education Watch

Wilmington University ranks fourth among America's fastest growing universities in the country.

The report by the Chronicle of Higher Education places the school ahead of traditional public and private universities.

I asked Jim Wilson, Vice President of Academic Affairs, what contributed to that ranking.

"It really relates to our mission, our core, our values of being an institution that is very friendly to students, flexibility in the offerings, and also, the cost of the school," explains Wilson.

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But Wilson says WilmU has been growing all along, people are just starting to notice.

"Sort of a perfect storm, in a sense, unfortunately, the economy, people are going back to school so that makes them start to look around, and they found us. We've been one of the best kept secrets, I think in Delaware and in the region," says Wilson.

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Wilson says the school has grown from 5,400 students ten years ago to 15,000 now.

"We've grown in a phenomenal way so sometimes you have to pinch yourself, and I think what is really surprising is how much we have grown," says Wilson.

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