State DMA audit shows poor oversight led to multiple reimbursements
By Jim Hilgen

Updated Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 5:59pm

The state auditor found poor financial oversight at Delaware Military Academy led to double reimbursements for some expenses.

Auditor Tom Wagner says the school's superintendent pocketed $26,000 after he was paid twice for items he purchased on the school's behalf.

He says his office sifted through countless transactions in performing the audit.

"Over the period, that really since the school started over $600,000 was sent down to the school, and reimbursed to the superintendent, which should have been paid by the school district through their normal accounting procedures," says Wagner.

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The audit shows Jack Wintermantel paid for school supplies and other necessities with a personal credit card and was reimbursed from the school's official state account - a situation that led to double payments on multiple occasions.

Wagner questions Wintermantel's judgement in using a personal credit card rather than the school's account.

"Why would you ever circumvent the state accounting system? We have a process that, in particular, through purchase cards which makes it fundamentally very easy to purchase goods and services," Wagner says.

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Wagner says the double reimbursements occurred from 2009 to 2011.

The money was repaid after auditors brought it to Wintermantel's attention, according to the auditors and the school.

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