Storm brings flooding
By Peter MacArthur

Updated Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 5:03pm

Rt. 9 near Odessa (Andrew Sgroi/WDEL)
Several areas along Delaware's coast are seeing flooding as a result of this storm.

State Route 1 was closed north of the Indian River Inlet Bridge in Sussex County on Wednesday afternoon after waves drove water and sand onto the road.

Route 9 in the Odessa area is closed due to high water.

DelDOT is advising residents of Prime Hook that access from their community to the mainland is available now via Prime Hook Road, but this condition will change as the tide rises and the storm intensifies.

A temporary connection to North Bay Shore Drive while be opened later today until daylight ends at 7 p.m. This connection could close sooner, however, should flood conditions require it, so residents remaining in the area should leave via Prime Hook Road now.

Last evening, DelDOT began urging Prime Hook’s residents and visitors to leave the area for safer locations inland. DelDOT will inspect the condition of Prime Hook Road in the morning.

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