Kids helping kids with stress
By Mellany Armstrong

Updated Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 1:28pm

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"Teen suicide, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, divorce."

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That's what students in Ursuline Academy's art forum class found was on the minds of their classmates in a survey. Salesianum juniorTyler Baldo is an exchange student in the class.

"We kind of concurred that all of it was either caused or related or had an effect of stress on kids' lives," he said.

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Visual arts teacher Erin McNichol then challenged the students.

"It's a creative class, and it's hands-on, where we have to come up with solutions," she said.

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Ursuline senior Madison Tucker says they created advertising agencies to come up with a product.

"We decided to try to figure out a way to help people lessen their stress and try to deal with it better, and we came up with a stress kit," she said.

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It's full of stress-relief items like...

"Tea, candy, stress balls, we had a movie and a book in ours, and that seemed popular, and we also designed a t-shirt that went in," Tyler said.

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The students priced the kit at $20. They presented the kit to their school guidance counselors and outside health professionals and Tyler says they got good feedback.

"Put in a note from you, just saying to other kids that, 'You're not the only one, don't be discouraged, 'cause like, 'This only happens to me,'" he said.

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"Teenagers just have a lot going on in life right now, and I totally understand if a lot of teens are stressed right now," Madison said.

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The class has also created a website to sell their customized kits.

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