Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Wilmington
By Jeanette Halliburton/Amy Cherry

Updated Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 12:40pm

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Mayor Williams paints the green line down King Street for the first time, an annual St. Patrick's Day tradition in Wilmington.

Mayor Williams kicked off annual St. Patrick's Day festivities in Wilmington Friday with the painting of the green line down King Street.

"It's the first time, I've ever did it, but I had good fun. I didn't know I was going to paint that far. I had a good time painting the stripe," says Williams.

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The Irish Culture Club of Delaware (ICCD) is sponsoring their 38th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, which stepped off at 4th and King Streets Saturday at noon.

"This is actually the 37th year that we will come up King Street and our hooley is going to be at 14th and Market. A big tent will be there and people will come to finalize and celebrate the parade," says Sweeney.

The event will involve Irish dancers, Irish clowns, and the Wilmington Fire and Police Department.

"It's very important. The Irish has been here since the turn of the century, and the city's been built. They're here; they've done a lot for this city, and I'm here to support them. I have an Irish name, Dennis," laughs the Mayor.

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Williams hopes the tradition will get bigger and bigger as the years go on.

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