VP Biden celebrates First State National Monument
By Tom Lehman/Amy Cherry/Allan Loud

Updated Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 10:02pm

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Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Tom Carper make remarks at Tuesday's ceremony

Vice President Joe Biden calls the designation of the First State National Monument "a proud moment" for Delaware.

WDEL's Tom Lehman reports.

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Speaking to a crowd outside the Old Sherriff's House in historic Old New Castle, Biden says it's hard to believe Delaware wasn't a part of the national parks system until now.

"It never sense to me that we didn't get the same recognition as other states because this state is an incredible state," Biden says.

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He call sites like these "economic engines" that boost tourism.

Senator Carper, who has also been pushing for a national park in Delaware, had similar sentiments, saying that the three locations included in the First State National Monument have historic and economic value.

"One: we have a great story to tell and the world needs to hear and we want to tell it. Two: Top tourist destination for people from all over the world who come to America is national parks," Carper says.

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Biden gave credit to Carper for his efforts to bring a national monument to Delaware. He says both of them will continue to push for a national park in the First State.

The other sites included in President's proclamation are the New Castle Courthouse, the New Castle Green, the Dover Green, and the Woodlawn Trustees property in Pennsylvania.

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Biden getting all the credit?

It appears Biden is getting all the credit and certainly the spotlight though he calls Senator Carper's efforts on this front "relentless," since it's a battle he's been fervently fighting for years.

But Jennifer Epstein of Politico says that's just the way politics and the media work--the senior member always gets the credit.

"On gun control, if there were to be some big piece of legislation that the Congress were to pass, and the President were to sign into law, we would be talking about the President achieving that even though, of course, Vice President Biden has been very key behind the scenes," says Epstein.

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