Beaver Valley rezoning plans withdrawn
By Tom Lehman

Updated Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 10:16am

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Beverly Suarez-Beard of Talleyville discusses her opposition to proposed development of Beaver Valley.

Plans for the controversial rezoning of the Beaver Valley area have been withdrawn.

WDEL's Tom Lehman reports.

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Woodlawn Trustees, the not-for-profit that turned over 1,100 acres of land for Delaware's national monument, was among the parties withdrawing their applications for rezoning of 325 acres of land along the Pennsylvania state line.

"Being that all three applications have been withdrawn, this matter has been nullified and the hearing is over," said the township's solicitor, Hugh Donahue.

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Woodlawn's COO, Vernon Green, says the proposal for commercial and residential development would have kept Beaver Valley's recreational trails intact.

The commercial element of the plan would have been about 200,000 square feet in size while the residential component would have included more than 400 houses.

Hundreds of opponents to the plan attended the hearing, which was held at Garnet Valley Middle School. Among them was Jason Hoover of Wilmington, who says he runs along the recreational trails in Beaver Valley and doesn't want to see any development.

"We want as much preserved as possible. We want 100 percent preserved. We don't think they have a right to build anything at all. It's not in line with Bancroft's mission; it's not in line with what the people want," Hoover says.

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Lawyer and Beaver Valley resident Jack Michaels says the proposal would have greatly taxed the surrounding environment.

"It was just a proposal that we though way overwhelmed the land, and the open space that was going to be preserved was only about an extra 50 acres, and we thought it was more than offset by the negatives," Michaels says.

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Beverly Suarez-Beard of Talleyville says the proposed development would disrupt the area's natural ambiance.

"If you walk through the trails and hear the wood thrushes singing, I can't convey to you how beautiful that sound is," Suarez-Beard says.

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