Drug haven shut down in Garfield Park
By Amy Cherry

Updated Monday, May 20, 2013 - 3:14pm

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WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

The Attorney General's office shuts down an infamous property in New Castle using the state's Nuisance Abatement Program.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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Police have been called to 21 Memorial Drive in Garfield Park 177 times over four years.

"At least 40 different people have been arrested for drug and prostitution, other crimes on this property," says Biden.

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He says this house has led to nothing, but problems for neighbors.

"These properties held entire properties with fear and apprehension," he says.

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Now, it's been shutdown and boarded up, after the owner, 68-year-old Paul Bembry has been cited at least five times. Police say he's done nothing to stop the rampant prostitution, stabbings, shootings, and drug deals that have happened on his property.

The house is in state Rep. J.J. Johnson's district.

"This home that we're looking at has been a thorn in my side and this community's side for the last three or four years," he says.

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He hopes this will put an end to all the constituents' phone calls.

"It's a great relief, it gives me a little bit of peace of mind," says Johnson.

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