DelDOT: Firefly traffic troubles were a learning experience
By Peter MacArthur

Updated Monday, June 24, 2013 - 5:02pm

DelDOT says it's already hard at work trying to make sure that the traffic gridlock that surfaced on Friday for the start of the Firefly Music Festival doesn't make a repeat performance.

DelDOT spokesman Jim Westhoff says the main obstacle to keeping traffic moving well was the fact that most concert goers came at one time, compared with a NASCAR event where the migration happens over a couple of days.

"We also had beach traffic. We had people trying to get to work. It was a convergence of many different groups trying to use the same road at the same time. This has been a learning experience for us. What happened on Friday morning is extremely unfortunate and as of right now we're starting to plan so this doesn't again."

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Westhoff says next year, for instance, DelDOT may work more closely with promoters to send ticket holders from certain areas to the concert one direction, and others from different areas, another.

"It's an obvious thing - to better communicate to the festival goers how to get to the venue. And then, maybe, as the concert goers get their that information in the mail, perhaps send one group of people on one road and tell another group of people to take another road. Stagger it that way," Westhoff says.

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Westhoff says the traffic woes associated with Firefly are being viewed at DelDOT as a learning experience.

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