Wilm. City Council expresses concern over potential WPD shakeup
By Tom Lehman

Updated Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 2:07pm

Some Wilmington council members are expressing concern over a potential shakeup of leadership in city's police department.

Councilman Mike Brown, chair of Wilmington's public safety committee, doesn't think it's a good idea. He defended Police Chief Christine Dunning, who was appointed to the position in January.

"It is not her fault that people are shooting people," Brown said. "Even if you had a cop on every corner, you wouldn't be able to stop it."

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Council President Theo Gregory believes it's too early for Williams to consider a change at the top of the police department.

Gregory says the current police brass should be given a chance to implement a clear policing strategy.

"I think it's too soon because we've not had a clear plan. We've engaged in cliches about getting tough on crime, a lot of cliches but without the articulation of a firm path forward," Gregory says.

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"Was she really given a chance? This police chief has layers of people to go through before she can even implement anything," Brown said.

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Mayor Williams made the remarks about a shakeup exclusively on WDEL in an interview Monday on Delaware's Morning News.

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