Bill seeks to change classroom door locks in Delaware
By Kelli Steele

Updated Monday, December 30, 2013 - 12:21pm

A Sussex County school board member is speaking out about a proposal filed in Dover by State Representative Earl Jaques of Glasgow that would require classroom door locks at the state's public schools to be lockable from both inside and outside the room.

Indian River School Board Member Dr. Donald Hattier says it fits in with his district's major security overhaul.

"As far as the locks go, in my office, we have a very simple lever lock that locks on the outside, you twist on the inside, and no matter what, you push down on it, and you're getting out. I mean, yeah you're talking 240 schools with 50 to 90 rooms per school, so it's still expensive, but it's a pretty straight-forward proposition," he said.

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Jaques has already filed the bill ahead of the January start to next year's legislative session in Dover.

The president of the School Chiefs Association, Dr. Mervin Daugherty, says no one disagrees with the idea of changing the locks, but the question is how to pay for the changes.

Delaware has 228 public schools that would be affected by the bill.

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