State lawmaker pushes for electronic insurance ID cards
By Amy Cherry/Peter MacArthur

Updated Friday, March 14, 2014 - 4:02pm

You do it all the time.

"We have that little card that we stick in our glove box, we get a new one every year, and maybe we put that in the glove box, or maybe it doesn't end up in there."

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That's State Rep. Bryon Short talking about misplaced car insurance cards. He wants to make sure you always have yours as long as you have your cellphone.

House Bill 258 would allow for digital proof of insurance--so you could just hand an officer or the DMV your smartphone.

"With significant use of smartphones, this is a great way for consumers to keep track of this card," Short said.

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The choice lies with the consumer on whether they want electronic ID cards. Short doesn't believe Delawareans would be an increased risk for identity theft if the measure passes. He doesn't believe the measure carries a risk of privacy invasion either.

"Standing over that smart phone does not authorize law enforcement to have full access to your phone. They are allowed to look at your phone for that proof of insurance," said Short.

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The pro-business Democrat calls the measure a consumer-friendly, convenient way of living in a more modern age.

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