Hunter Biden speaks on behalf of brother
By Amy Cherry

Updated Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 5:36pm

Hunter Biden appears on MSNBC
Beau Biden's younger brother speaks on national television on his brother's behalf.

Lobbyist Hunter Biden, appearing on MSNBC, says his brother, who underwent surgery at a Texas cancer center in August, is doing great.

The younger Biden also says his brother didn't think it was "fair" to run again for attorney general simply as a platform for governor.

"And I think he's one of the best public servants out there, so he's doing great; he's doing absolutely great. It was a scare, and you know as his brother, and you know how close I am to my brother, it was very scary. But he's back to work, and he's been back to work, and he's doing great, and he's going to finish up his term for attorney general, and then, you know, see where we go from there, and most likely it's going to be a race for governor of Delaware," said Hunter Biden.

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Despite being back to work, as Hunter says, Beau has been seen in public only a handful of times and refuses all requests for interviews.

Analysis of Hunter Biden's comments on MSNBC

Hunter Biden's word choice saying his brother will "most likely" run for governor of Delaware is drawing scrutiny.

"We're obviously in the sort of media landscape where speculation is high whether it's 2016 in these governor's races, so I do think the word choice he used is interesting, but my guess, at the end of the day, is he just didn't want to get ahead of any sort of official announcement that his brother would be making in saying that he's going to be running for governor of Delaware," Lucy McCalmont tells WDEL's Delaware News at Noon.

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Hunter's comments on MSNBC come about a week after Biden wrote in a letter to supporters that he would not run for a third term as attorney general, and instead, has intentions to run for governor in 2016.

McCalmont also says Hunter and the rest of the Biden family can expect to get questions about Beau and his political intentions due to the so-called "Biden factor."

"You don't really see that for any of the other markets whether a state AG is contemplating a bid to move to statewide office such as running for governor or senator's seat, so I think this is a very unique case," she said.

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