Team duPont headed to Transplant Games
By Mellany Armstrong

Updated Friday, July 11, 2014 - 9:22pm

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VIDEO: WDEL's Mellany Armstrong reports.

Some very special kids are headed to Houston to play games - the Transplant Games of America.

WDEL's Mellany Armstrong reports.

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"I'm playing track, basketball, bowling and tennis this year."

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10-year-old Onyi Kenine of Wilmington is one of thirteen kids who boarded a bus to the airport for the 2014 Transplant Games. She and 15-year-old Isaak Jones had life-saving transplants at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington. Isaak got half his mother's liver when he was a baby.

"It's like a family, 'cause we all had the same thing happen to us, we all had surgery. People don't really know how we feel and how we are," he said.

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Shylah Haldeman is the heart failure and heart transplant coordinator at Nemours.

"It really means a lot for them to get out there and show everybody how much they can do because they've been treated very fragile for most of their lives," she said.

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16-year-old Gabe Clark looks forward to it every year.

"This IS a vacation. Yeah, I enjoy it a lot. It's like you go out of state, you travel, and then you meet new people," he said.

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Robert Galvin's son Bobby has been going for several years now.

"They all have a common denominator between them, with having the transplant and going through what they've been through. It's a lot easier to talk about it with somebody that's been through it than somebody who hasn't been," he said.

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Isaak says there's more to the games than the competition.

"Don't tell the younger kids this, but when they go to bed we all do midnight swims," he said.

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