UD tripling some residence halls
By Amy Cherry

Updated Sunday, July 27, 2014 - 10:50pm

One roommate is plenty, but this year, more University of Delaware freshman will have two.

WDEL's Amy Cherry explains.

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"We've got our largest freshman class ever arriving at the University of Delaware this fall."

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That's why UD has had to triple their rooms, and we're not talking about expanded housing.

"We take a double room; we add another bed, we add another desk and we add three students to that room," said Kathleen Kerr, executive director of residence life and housing at UD.

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Despite the cramped quarters, Kerr doesn't believe tripling affects the students' quality of life.

"What we found in the past though is that our students in triples, their GPAs are typically higher, and a lot of the students enjoy the social environment," she said.

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She says students also find other places on or off-campus to study.

But whether you get tripled in the first place depends solely on your luck.

"If you had a really bad lottery number, you ended up in a triple. It's very, very random. Honor students, athletes, students who have alums as parents, anybody could've ended up in a triple," explains Kerr.

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Twenty-five percent of first-year freshman will be in triples this year compared to just 10 percent last year. But Kerr tells WDEL she doesn't see this as a growing trend.

"I think that we have maxed out our number of triples, and I anticipate the same amount or fewer the next couple of years," she said.

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