NJ joins DE in filing to stop river dredging

By Frank Gerace 2:12am, November 3, 2009
New Jersey has joined Delaware in seeking a federal injunction to stop the Army Corps of Engineers from dredging the Delaware River to deepen the shipping channel.

WDEL's Frank Gerace reports.Audio Here

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden tells WDEL the law is on the side of the states, with the Subaqueous Land, Clean Air and Wetlands Acts all mandating the Corps get state permits before dredging.

The project's supporters say deepening the channel by 5 feet from Philadelphia to the mouth of the Delaware Bay will accommodate larger ships and keep local ports competitive.

Opponents say dredging will stir up toxic sediments, harm water quality and only benefit a few refineries.

DNREC recently denied the Corps' permit application, saying the project proposal's changed substantially since the Corps' initial application was submitted 8 years ago.

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