Pres. Obama, Biden campaign for Coons in Wilmington

By Amy Cherry 6:07pm, October 15, 2010 - Updated 6:17pm, October 15, 2010
President Obama's speech for Coons
President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden pull out all stops with a campaign stop for Chris Coons to try to keep Delaware's Senate seat with the Democrats.

WDEL's Amy Cherry was the only member of the broadcast local media inside the Grand Opera House. Audio Here

Coons talks about cleaning up Washington, and President Obama says he's proven he can do that as County Executive.

"He knows this state. He knows its values, somebody who even cut his own pay. Believe me, you won't see too many members of Congress willing to do that!"

Obama says we can't let this seat go back to the Republicans and he brought back his car analogy to stress that.

"The Republicans, they say, 'Excuse me, can we have the keys back?' And we gotta tell 'em -- no you can't have the keys back! You don't know how to drive! You can ride with us, but you gotta ride in the backseat!"

Obama says a vote for Coons is a vote for moving forward.

"We've been there before, and we're not goin' back. We're gonna win this election!"

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