O'Donnell/Jensen interview turns contentious

By Frank Gerace 8:35pm, October 26, 2010 - Updated 8:38pm, October 26, 2010
Republican US Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell stopped by WDEL to talk policy Tuesday afternoon, and at one point, the interview turned contentious.

Click here to watch the full Rick Jensen/Christine O’Donnell interview.

Appearing on WDEL's "Rick Jensen Show", O'Donnell said if she's elected, she'll work to cut waste in several areas, including healthcare.Audio Here

O'Donnell also decried the economic stimulus package, saying small businesses, not the Feds, are the key to creating jobs and turning the economy around.

She also called on the Feds to take a cue from the Kennedy and Reagan administrations, which cut taxes and spending to spark economic growth.

The discussion became heated when Jensen asked her to contrast what she'd do to balance the County's budget with measures taken by her Democratic opponent, County Executive Chris Coons, whom O'Donnell's criticized for raising taxes.

Audio Here

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