VP Biden celebrates Race to Top at Howard HS

By Amy Cherry 3:49pm, March 21, 2011 - Updated 4:31pm, March 21, 2011
WDEL's Amy Cherry has more.
Vice President Biden joins hundreds of students at Howard High School in celebrating the one-year anniversary of Delaware's big win in Race to the Top.

WDEL's Amy Cherry was there.

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"It's good to be back in the East side. It's good to be back at Howard," says Vice President Biden.

Howard High School of Technology is one of four schools in Delaware that will undergo dramatic transformations using $100 million in federal money.

Biden tells the crowd of students that while Howard's graduation rate is solid, students need to boost their test scores.

"You don't have those test scores, you don't get to go to school. You don't get to go on from here. You don't have those test scores, you go to get a job, and they don't look at whether you have a diploma, they look at how well you did," says Biden.

To do that, Biden says teachers will get to know their students better and teachers will be graded just like students.

"9th graders we're going to make sure you sit down with counselors and teachers and you're going to chart a path," says Biden.

He says it's about giving these kids a better chance to get a good job, have a nice home, and do what you want to do. Biden says Race to the Top will give students and educators so much more to work with.

"There's no reason Howard can't produce the best scientists, the best mathematicians, the best high school graduates," says Biden.

And before exiting he left Howard students with these words of wisdom:

"We've got to light some fires in some of you because you can light up the world. You guys have that fire, so keep it burning. give yourselves a chance man because I promise you, there's nothing like being able to be independent," says Biden.

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