DeLuca hopes to open redistricting process to public

By LeAnne Matlach 8:07pm, April 3, 2011 - Updated 8:24pm, April 3, 2011
Delawareans could be getting a much better view of the redistricting process if a bill recently introduced in the Senate becomes law.
WDEL's LeAnne Matlach has more.

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Legislative remapping has been one of the General Assembly's most tightly held operations but soon that could be changing,

Senate President Pro Tem Anthony DeLuca introduced a bill that would open all aspects of remapping to public scrutiny.

Well we look at this and listen to the criticism that's constantly heaped on the General Assembly and I think it's time this be put to an end," he said. "That it be rolled out and we look at it and the public look gets to see this process and gets to just go through this process, see how we do this. See that it is done fairly and we come up with a bill with all of the criteria under law and it's passed."

Currently the law requires public hearings on legislative remaps but the maps for the most part are completed before the public can see them.

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