Low-digit black-and-white Del. tags available starting today

By Mellany Armstrong 4:57am, April 19, 2011 - Updated 5:10am, April 19, 2011
One thing that really shows you're from Delaware is that black-and-white license plate, especially the low-numbered ones.

"Having a low-digit license plate number is kind of a status symbol here in Delaware."

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DMV Director Jennifer Cohan says your chance to get a five-digit plate starts Tuesday.

"We do have a limited number of them in the black-and-white stainless steel or porcelain. They are $100, and then, of course, any transfer fees, which will either be $46 if you have your title, or $56 if you don't have your title."

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The only way to get the plates is to show up at one of the four DMVs in the state IN PERSON. Cohan expects them to sell out in a week. For more information, go to www.dmv.de.gov.

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