FBI searching for Liberty Bell ruby stolen from Wilmington store

By Associated Press 12:12am, January 10, 2012 - Updated 12:21am, January 10, 2012
The FBI is involved in the search for a $2 million Liberty Bell sculpture made from the largest mined ruby in the world.

The News Journal of Wilmington reports that the ruby found near Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa more than a half-century ago is not of gem quality and was sculpted into the shape of the Liberty Bell guarded by a bald eagle and decorated with 50 diamonds. (http://delonline.us/ylQnYa)

Stuart Kingston Jewelers in Wilmington had kept the 5-inch, 4-pound Liberty Bell Ruby in its vault for about two years while trying to broker a deal to sell it before it was stolen in a smash-and-grab robbery in November.

The California owners had hoped to sell it to a philanthropist who would donate it to the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia.

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