UD researchers find century-old shipwreck off Delaware coast

By Mellany Armstrong 12:18pm, August 13, 2012
University of Delaware researchers are hoping to get more money to study the wreck of a ship that went down off the Delaware coast more than a century ago.

The W.R. Grace went down off the coast of Cape Henlopen in a hurricane September 12, 1889, but was never included in a database of known wrecks.

Art Trembanis, associate professor of oceanography, says grad students came upon it in 2010 while learning to use ocean equipment.

"So we mapped it up, and lo and behold, there was no mark there for where this very visible and very large wreck was located," he said.

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They're pretty sure it's the Grace.

"The size, the orientation, the location, the historical context of it, kind of all point to that," Trembanis said.

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Trembanis is now hoping to do more detailed studies with video, and plans to contact the W.R. Grace Company to see whether they may have interest in funding the effort.

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