"Conversation With the Candidates" - Paul Clark

By Carl Kanefsky 5:23am, August 20, 2012 - Updated 8:42am, August 20, 2012
New Castle County Exec. Paul Clark speaks with WDEL's Allan Loudell
New Castle County Executive Paul Clark says he deserves a full term in office, mainly because he's done a good job.

In our ongoing series, "Conversations With the Candidates," Clark told WDEL's Allan Loudell, Clark's business background helped him keep the county on strong fiscal ground, despite the tough economic times.

"In the three years, the tree budgets during the two years we've been here, we were able to cut out $21 million with no layoffs, no tax increase, no service cuts, and actually increasing public safety."

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Clark believes the toughest part of his campaign is overcoming negative perceptions.

Clark's opponents say his wife, a former land use attorney, benefited during Clark's time as county council president, but Clark says he wanted to remove any questions when he ascended to the county's top post.

"People have perceptions...when you're in there and you make a decision, and someone doesn't like that decision, it was very easy to throw my wife at me. But when we became County Exec., and we said to the public, give us a couple of days, it took us a little while for her to end up her clients, and she left."

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Clark faces three challengers in next month's Democratic primary.

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