Boxing promoter's estate subject of legal fight

By Randall Chase, Associated Press 1:19pm, October 3, 2012
Butch Lewis
Attorneys for the estate of boxing promoter Butch Lewis are trying to resolve a dispute with a woman who gave birth after his death to a daughter he had fathered.

Louise Cummings gave birth in April, nine months after Lewis' death. She wants the child declared a beneficiary of the estate and requested interim payments of $3,250 a month until the case is resolved. Her attorneys withdrew that request at a hearing Wednesday after The Associated Press objected to closing of the courtroom and the judge indicated it likely would be denied.

Attorneys for Lewis' estate say no beneficiaries can be paid until creditors, including former boxer Michael Spinks, are satisfied. They have reached a tentative settlement with Spinks, whose claims exceed the estimated estate value of about $8 million.

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