AccuWeather predicts wild not mild winter

By Amy Cherry 5:11pm, October 3, 2012
If you liked last winter, move somewhere else, because Mother Nature will be back with a vengeance this year.

AccuWeather senior meteorologist Bob Smerbeck tells WDEL we can definitely expect more snow than last year, in fact, more snow than usual.

"We could see maybe one or two storms coming up the coast, and if you happen to be cold enough, you could have some heavy snow. Although, the thinking here is we'll have above normal snow falls, let's say days of greater than or equal to an inch. We think those days will be above normal, right on the edge, for Wilmington," says Smerbeck.

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Normal seasonal snowfall for the mid-Atlantic hovers around 20 inches.

But winter will ease its way in. Watch out for those bigger snowstorms later in the season in January and February.

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