GOP Reps call on Markell to ditch Danberg

By Associated Press 9:41pm, October 8, 2012
Two Republican lawmakers are calling on Governor Markell to replace the head of Delaware's prison system.

House Minority Leader Greg Lavelle and Rep. Deborah Hudson called for the ouster of Correction Commissioner Carl Danberg Monday, following the filing of a federal lawsuit last week alleging that many inmates have been kept behind bars for days or weeks after they should have been released.

The Department of Correction also has been under scrutiny recently for virtually non-existent record-keeping in a program that allowed Sussex County residents to hire out inmates for day labor.

Markell spokesman Brian Selander said the governor continues to have confidence in Danberg. Selander also said the Republicans' accusations were based on a lawsuit filed by four convicted criminals seeking to recover money from the state.

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