Dover man arrested in cold case

By Associated Press 11:36am, October 9, 2012 - Updated 1:56pm, October 9, 2012
Delaware authorities have arrested a man in connection with a three-year-old murder case.

State police say 21-year-old Jermaine Zachary of Dover was arrested Monday after reporting to his probation officer. He was charged with second-degree murder and attempted robbery in the September 2009 killing of 40-year-old Robert Watkins of Seaford.

Zachary is being held on more than $300,000 bail.

Zachary's arrest came after detectives reopened their investigation into the death of Watkins, who was killed after he and a friend went to a house in Magnolia to buy a dog. As the two were sitting in their car, Zachary got in the back seat. Another man approached car, pulled a pistol and demanded money from Watkins, who was shot as he and the friend tried to drive away.

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