Evans seated on Christina school board

By Jim Hilgen 8:36am, October 10, 2012
Delaware's Superior Court orders the Christina School Board to fill its vacant position with the only applicant.

WDEL's Jim Hilgen has more.

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Responding to an ACLU lawsuit, the court ordered board members appoint George Evans to a position left vacant since June.

In spite of Evans being the lone applicant for the seat, his appointment was foiled by a pair of 3-3 votes by the remaining board members.

He says he's willing to bury the hatchet and work for the good of the district.

"I am focused on children first. If the other board members are talking about the needs of the children, then we'll work fine. If they have another agenda that they are seeking to continue with, then there'll be some issues," says Evans.

Evans says representing parents and students in Wilmington is now job one.

"I'm prepared to work for children this evening. I've been prepared since they made the announcement that there was a vacancy. I submitted my application early so I would be early in the running, and we've had to take some additional steps to get there," Evans says.

Evans was sworn in and seated at the beginning of Tuesday night's meeting.

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