Spooky 'Phantom of the Ferry' workshop in Lewes

By Mellany Armstrong 1:31pm, October 12, 2012 - Updated 4:02pm, October 12, 2012
Did you know the Cape May-Lewes ferry terminal is haunted? Find out more at the "Phantom of the Ferry" event Saturday.

Rick Cohart of Delmarva Historic Haunts says he's captured ghosts on tape speaking at the site, which he calls electronic voice phenomenon.

"We classified it as haunted because we did get some EVPs from there, which are up on our site, and we got something on film that law enforcement has seen for years. And the backdrop of the history of that place is off the hook, because you have people buried in the sand for over a hundred years or more," he said.

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Workshop participants will learn what it's like to be a paranormal investigator, plus hear haunting stories of the area. The event runs 8p.m. to midnight, and again on November 3rd.

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