Mudslinging in Senate campaign

By Peter MacArthur 1:58pm, October 12, 2012 - Updated 2:50pm, October 12, 2012
The Independent Party candidate running against Senator Carper is slinging new accusations, slamming Carper for what they're calling a misrepresentation of his service record.

Alex Pires says he hired a firm that specializes in background checks on political opponents to look into Carper. He says among the findings, is that Carper never served in Vietnam, as his political ads claim.

"He was never in Vietnam. And, I mean, he never put a foot in Vietnam. Ever. Ever. His military record is that, excuse me, he was not a pilot. He was in the back of a P-3, and the closest he ever got was essentially the Philippines," Pires says.

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Pires is also dredging up allegations of domestic abuse by Carper. Pires claims there is proof, but it's inaccessible and sealed by the courts.

A Carper spokesman is labeling the accusations as despicable and outrageous. A statement provided to WDEL points out Carper was a 23-year veteran of the Navy, serving three tours as a Naval Flight Officer on active duty in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.

The statement also says allegations that the Senator hit either of his wives have been refuted by both women and by Carper's stepson, and it wishes Pires would focus on the many issues directly affecting the people of Delaware.

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