Choice schools closed in Red Clay

By Michelle Provencher 10:21pm, October 17, 2012 - Updated 2:18pm, October 18, 2012
Michelle Provencher asks Public Information Officer Pati Nash what is going on with the choice policy in Red Clay.
Competitive educational programs and convenient locations have made several Red Clay District schools tough to get into, and the school board chose which ones would be closed to choice applicants at their meeting Wednesday night.

"The choice law allows parents throughout Delaware to apply for their child to go to any school, in any district, as long as there's space. We are making special efforts to inform parents on what the policies are to make sure that they can apply to have their child attend the school that they wish," said Pati Nash, public information officer for Red Clay Consolidated School District.

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Nash said some schools in the district receive an overwhelming number of applications.

"If we do not think that there will be choice seats available, we close that school to choice because we felt it raised expectations of families, that they could hope to go to one of these schools, and we'd have hundreds of people on a waiting list," said Nash.

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The board unanimously passed the recommendation to close Brandywine Springs from kindergarten through fifth grade, Highlands, Linden Hill and North Star to choice.

The choice application period is Nov. 1 until Jan. 9 and is not first come, first served.

You can find a list of choice school information sessions and other resources at Red Clay's Choice webpage.

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