Probationer arrested after leading cops on chase in stolen truck

By Frank Gerace 10:05pm, October 24, 2012
Frederick Saunders
Wilmington police say they caught up with a man who's on probation after he led them on a chase in a stolen truck.

Police say a man called them around 9:15 Wednesday morning and said his white work truck had been stolen in the 900 block of North Franklin Street.

Shortly afterward, an officer saw Frederick Saunders driving the truck, but when she tried to pull him over, Saunders sped off.

The chase ended when Saunders lost control of the truck and it crashed into a deck in the 800 block of Windsor Street.

Saunders bailed out and ran, and when the cops caught up with him, he fought them, grabbing an officer's Taser before he was subdued.

Saunders, a convicted felon, had a syringe on him, and is charged with stealing the truck, resisting arrest and several other offenses.

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