Humane Society urges you to have a hurricane plan for your pets

By Amy Cherry 4:55pm, October 26, 2012
It's important to have a plan for yourself, but also for your pets.

Joanne Bourbeau is the Northeast Regional Director of the Humane Society.

"We recommend food and water for at least five days, medications, medical records, litter boxes, leashes, pet toys and beds, and of course, all of their feeding schedules, medical conditions, any behavior issues they may have, and make sure that's all ready to go in a kit on your way out," says Borbeau.

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Borbeau also recommends finding out whether your shelter is pet-friendly in advance, and if not, she offers this tip.

"Check with some of the local hotels and motels, more inland where you may be evacuating to, and find out whether they have pet friendly policies. Many times, they'll even waive policies in order to accommodate people, who are fleeing from a storm.

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Borbeau says it's important your pets have proper identification as well.

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