Markell: ride out Sandy at your own risk

By Frank Gerace 6:01pm, October 29, 2012
Governor Jack Markell (D)
Governor Markell says anyone in an evacuation zone who's choosing to stay put and ride out Hurricane Sandy is doing so at their own risk.

In a Monday conference call, Markell said as Governor, he can issue evacuation orders, but can't be sure everyone will obey them.

"We don't live in a police state--we expect people to take personal responsibility and to use common sense, and the fact is, if people don't evacuate some of these flood-prone areas, they may get cut off, and that's why we had the 24-hour evacuation period in effect, but the point is, you know, they had the time to get out, and now if a first responder has to get to 'em, they may not be able to."

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Markell says extensive flooding will make it more difficult than usual to restore electrical service to affected residents, and a level 2 driving ban is in effect, meaning only government workers and private sector employees with essential jobs should be on the roads.

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