Southbridge residents return home from evacuation

By Tom Lehman 9:35pm, October 30, 2012 - Updated 9:39pm, October 30, 2012
WDEL's Tom Lehman talks with Southbridge residents.
Many Southbridge residents have returned home after Mayor Baker's evacuation order was rescinded Tuesday afternoon arrived to find waterlogged basements and some minor flooding on local roads left behind in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Dennis Williams, a Southbridge resident stayed with a friend during the mandatory evacuation since Sunday, says he’s busy trying to get water out of a flooded basement in his A Street home.

Although he says the city warned him that his residence was in a flood area, the damage left by the storm still surprised him.

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"The inside of the house is fine--it's not flooded, the upstairs is good. It's just the basement is really flooded about six inches and we're getting that pumped out now, so that's going to take a while," Williams says.

Cheryl Raymond is the mother of a Southbridge resident and says some streets were still blocked off while she tried to reach her daughter's home. She says the cleaning up the mess left by Sandy could take a long time.

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"My daughter's basement was filled with I think close to five feet of water and we still have sump pumps working. I went and got two of them and we still have them pumping--they're still pumping," she says.

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