WPD catch 4 teens after car theft, chase

By Frank Gerace 10:58pm, November 9, 2012
Wilmington police say four teenaged boys who stole a woman's car are in custody after 3 of the boys tried to get away by jumping into the Brandywine River.

The victim told police she'd left the keys in her car when she parked it outside her house on East 24th Street Friday morning, and shortly afterward, the boys, ages 13 to 17, got in and took off.

An officer tried to pull the teens over, but they kept driving until they rammed a police cruiser on the Van Buren Street Bridge, damaging the stolen car to the point that it couldn't move.

Three of the teens then jumped into the river, and gave themselves up after realizing the water's pretty cold this time of year.

The fourth, slightly-more-sensible teen stayed on land but ran, and was caught after a short chase.

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