Delaware Food Bank getting Shop Rite leftovers

By Jim Hilgen 8:39pm, November 15, 2012 - Updated 10:10pm, November 15, 2012
Food Bank CEO Patricia Beebe speaks on National Recycling Day. (Photo Courtesy of Patrick Jackson/ Delaware State Senate.)
The Food Bank of Delaware is the beneficiary of an agreement with Shop Rite that will see some excess food stuffing its warehouse.

In a celebration of National Recycling Day Thursday, officials from the EPA, Shop Rite and the Delaware Food Bank signed a deal that will send more food to the charity and less to landfills.

State Representative Ed Osienski praises the move.

"The Food Bank needs as much support as it can possibly get, and help to get food to the needy within Delaware, and this is a great partnership. It's going to increase food incoming and due to the fact that funding and support for the food bank is down, and the demand is higher, this is all good," he said.

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Shop Rite has worked with the Food Bank since 1995, but a spokesperson says the new deal will deepen the partnership and help the chain sharpen its focus relating to landfill use.

As part of the agreement Shop Rite will send some food to be composted, and some to the Food Bank.

Food Bank CEO Patricia Beebe says that will be a big help.

"It's wonderful. We feed one in four Delawareans. This is going to make more food available so we can get out and feed more people. So this has absolutely no downside to it," Beebe said.

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The Food Bank serves more than 240,000 Delawareans each year.

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