Eden Park shooting tied to street gang

By Amy Cherry 4:54pm, December 4, 2012 - Updated 5:04pm, December 4, 2012
Attorney General Beau Biden speaks about the latest indictment in hte Eden Park shooting.
The summertime shooting in Eden Park that left two people dead and shocked the community of Southbridge has been linked to gang activity.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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Attorney General Beau Biden says murder suspects Otis and Jeffery Phillips were part of a Wilmington street gang called SureShots. They now face additional gang participation charges along with three others, who are now accused of plotting the brazen attack in broad daylight during a soccer tournament.

"The gentlemen, I shouldn't call them gentlemen, the people we indicted today have the audacity to enter our parks on a sunny day filled with children is absolutely unacceptable," says Biden.

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Kelmar Allen, Roland Phillips, and Seon Phillips are all behind bars on $100,000 bail, charged with conspiracy for allegedly planning the attack that killed Herman Curry and 16-year-old Alex Kamara of Pike Creek.

Kamara's father wants to see parks like the one where his son was killed be safe places for children to play.

"I hope this field will remain safe, not only for Alexander Kamara, for everybody else who may be in this field at anytime," he says.

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He also hopes the new indictments bring about justice and send a strong message.

"I hope whatever is said here is going to be carried on, and I believe," says Kamara.

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The indictment also names five others, who also face gang participation charges for their ties to SureShots though they had no role in the Eden Park shooting. They are Jamel Chapman, Maria Dubois, Mahary Goode, Levar Graham, and Michael Watson. They're all out on bail except for Goode and Watson, who haven't been arrested yet.

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