Carper remembers Barney Frank's "coming out of the closet"

By Frank Gerace 5:02pm, December 4, 2012
Senator Tom Carper (D)
Senator Carper remembers the day he learned what, until then, was a secret about a former colleague.

Carper tells WDEL's "Delaware News at Noon" after a double-date involving himself, soon-to-be ex-Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank and two airline stewardesses at a New Year's Eve party at the US Embassy in Cairo in the early 80's, he asked Frank if he'd had a good time.

"And I said, 'well, how was your time with Carolyn last night?' and he said, 'I would have enjoyed her brother more', and I said, 'You know her brother?' and he said, 'Boy, you're really dumb!' and then, he went on to tell me that he was gay."

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Carper says that exchange gave Frank the courage to later publicly reveal his homosexuality.

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