Williams names woman as new police chief

By Amy Cherry 2:39pm, December 6, 2012 - Updated 4:53pm, December 6, 2012
Captain Christine Dunning discusses her new appointment as Wilmington Chief of Police.
Mayor-Elect Dennis Williams appoints Captain Christine Dunning to serve as the first female Chief of Police.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has more.

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"I didn't make a second thought. I look at her career. I look at her capabilities."

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That's why Mayor-elect Williams says he chose Captain Christine Dunning, in keeping with his campaign promise that women will lead in his administration.

"We made history here today, first female police chief in the history of the City of Wilmington," says Williams.

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And he says he's not finished yet.

"Everybody else better get used to it because women aren't going away. They make sound decisions, they think very analytically, that's the reason why she's going to be my Chief," says Williams.

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Dunning is a lifelong city resident, who grew up in Union Park Gardens. She's a married mother of three committed to curbing violent crime. She, herself, was involved in a violent gun battle during a bank robbery, of which she survived.

Dunning joined the force in 1990 with her first walking beat on the city's East Side, where the new police chief announcement was made.

"Mayor-elect Williams and I believe in strengthening the fragile relationship that exists between sometimes the community and the police department in certain areas of the city," says Dunning.

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Dunning says she'll work to streamline operations to balance serving the citizens they have an oath to protect while also protecting officers who serve the community.

"But we know the police is not the only solution. It takes great community support, and without the community, we will fail," she promises.

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Dunning replaces Chief Mike Szczerba, who says she'll look for new and innovative ways to combat crime that's rapidly on the rise in Wilmington.

Another campaign promise, Williams says he would pick from outside the department. To that, he says...

"That's true leadership. I made a decision; I'm the mayor. You say that I'm backtracking, again, leadership sometimes comes with making a decision and sometimes the decisions are tough. I can change my mind, and that's what I did."

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Dunning won't assume the position until Williams is sworn in next year.

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