Del. SupCo rejects state appeal in biker arrest

By Randall Chase, Associated Press 3:22pm, December 6, 2012
A divided state Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Hells Angels biker charged with carrying concealed weapons after being stopped for speeding.

The justices ruled 3-to-2 to uphold a judge's finding that a trooper who arrested David Abel on I-95 last year had no reason to suspect that Abel was armed and dangerous.

After stopping Abel for speeding, the trooper asked if he had any weapons. Abel said no, but the trooper told him he was going to conduct a pat down to make sure. Abel then admitted that he was carrying two guns and was arrested.

Abel argued that he didn't act in a threatening way toward the trooper, and that being a Hells Angel and not saying where he was going did not justify the pat down.

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