Underground fire knocks out traffic signals in Wilmington

By Tom Lehman 5:35pm, December 9, 2012 - Updated 7:02pm, December 9, 2012
An early morning fire has caused traffic signal outages at some intersections in Wilmington.

An underground fire extinguished by the Wilmington Fire Department has caused some traffic signals to malfunction in the Center City area as crews repair damaged power lines.

Several of those intersections are now controlled by stop signs for traffic control. They're located at 11th and Washington Streets, 11th and Orange Streets and 4th and King Streets.

Four intersections are currently without any means of traffic control device, including 5th and King Streets, 11th and West Streets, 10 and Washington Streets and Delaware Avenue and West Street.

Crews will are working on the situation through the night but the morning rush hour commute may be affected.

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